What to Consider Before Buying a Bookcase

For avid readers and big-time designers, a bookcase is a must-have. A bookcase can be a stylish creation to deliver a unique appeal to any room. Besides being traditionally used for storing books only, bookcases are increasingly being used as style statements to display plants, picture frames, artwork, and more. But before you buy a bookcase, you first need to consider your book collection’s size and how you’d want your space decorated.


First, you need to consider the space you’ll be working with. This will help narrow down to specific bookcase sizes instead of focusing on a sea of options. Check the shelf space to see that your largest book fits appropriately. Check the headroom above to see if your preferred bookcase will fit.


The type of material a bookcase is made of determines how long it lasts and how easy it is to move. Metal and hardwood bookcases will last longer but are much heavier and a bit challenging to move. Plywood and hardwood veneers are excellent choices for more portable and traditionally-themed bookcases.

Open back shelving

Are you sharing an apartment with a friend or do you want to make your room look bigger? Well, an open-back bookshelf will do the trick. It can serve as a room divider and easily accessible from both ends. What’s more? You can place it anywhere, not just in a corner or against the wall.

Finish and style

A bookcase looking good for one space may not necessarily look suitable for another. Therefore, it would benefit you more if you considered all finish and style options. Have an open mind. Don’t be glued to the modern side; maybe a weathered or rustic bookcase is all you need. It would also be of benefit if you looked at Tylko’s Type01 and Type02 bookcases: https://tylko.com/shelves/bookcase/. They are stylish and might be useful additions to your house.

Hidden away or on display

Choose a bookcase with drawers and doors to hide items you don’t want to display. Besides this, door and drawers will keep your items safe and dust-free. You’d then want to combine it with an open bookcase to showcase your favorite items. A display bookcase will work best if you have pieces of art work, pictures, and mementos you want on display.

Choosing the right piece of furniture to add to your house can be challenging. However, you only need to look for correct information and ideas.

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