Coats, Jackets & Blazers

Coats, Jackets & Blazers

Unless you’re lucky enough to find a coat or jacket off the rack that fits you to perfection, or have a coat or jacket tailor-made to your measurements, chances are such clothes are going to need alteration. Fortunately for you, we offer coats alteration services for all sorts of fabrics/style, whether they’re old or new. We give your coats and blazers a look of elegance that only comes with a great-fitting garment tailored to fit your body.

We alter blazers to perfectly fit you. We do coat alterations by taking close note of the customer’s measurements and instructions before they leave those clothes with us.

Coats, Jackets & Blazers

Leather Jacket Alteration

We offer leather jacket alterations for men and women that will fit them to perfection. Our knowledge and experience in clothing alterations include re-styling, re-sizing, lengthening, shortening, hemming, zipper changing, lining, tapering and much more.

Whether you have lost or gained weight or are handing down your jacket to your little brother, we have skills and experience to make coat alterations and leather jacket alterations to fit. We are alteration specialists who can easily alter all your coats, jackets and blazers according to your measurements and requirements. Why trust a tailor with little or no experience with your coat alterations, when you can have professionals working on them, instead?

Alterations by Jasmine is your one-stop shop that caters to all your coat alterations and   jacket/blazer alterations. We will alter your clothes to fit your body and style perfectly.

The difference between money wasted and a perfect fit lies in a few minor details that we take special notice of so you do not have to worry about them. We take special care in your alterations to give you the perfect fit.