Military Alterations

military uniform alterations

Military service uniforms are tailored to precision and have no room for errors. Let us take care of your military alterations while you keep us safe from foreign and domestic threats. We offer standard tailoring and adjustments, sew-on bars, patches, braids, stripes and pin and badge arrangements to make your uniform sharp and inspection-ready.

We are proud to offer our military uniform alterations services for our armed forces. It is not easy to gain the trust of those who have sacrificed so much to preserve our freedom and allowed us to live our way of life. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to providing our servicemen the best quality service for making flawless, smart uniforms as per specifications.

It is an honor to have the trust of thousands of sailors, soldiers and airmen, and we hope to continue serving those that serve us. We thank you for your commitment and service to our country, and we hope to continue providing you with our military alterations services to work on the uniforms so few of us have the privilege to wear.

Military Alterations

Services We Provide

We provide numerous military alterations for the men and women of our armed forces, including:

Uniform Coats

  • Sleeve Hamming and Braids
  • Rank & Badge Patch Sewing
  • Service Stripe Sewing
  • Button Replacements
  • Tear Repair
  • Name Tape Sewing

Uniform Trousers

  • Trouser Hamming, Length & Waist Adjustment
  • NCO Trouser Stripes
  • Side Taper & Fitting
  • Tear, Zipper Repair & Button Replacement

Uniform Skirts

  • Waist Adjustment
  • Length Adjustment
  • Side Taper & Fitting

We use only the best methods for military alterations ensuring our servicemen get their altered uniforms sooner rather than later, every time. With our attention-to-detail, we are ready and able to alter your uniforms whenever you require it.