Types of Military Uniforms and Alterations

Types of Military Uniforms and Alterations

When it comes to the military, everything about them projects discipline and perfection. They are trained to be outstanding, not only on the battlefield, but also in their daily lives. In their profession, the uniform is taken very seriously, and neat stitching is needed to keep it flawless. Usually, the uniforms are ready-made and come in standard sizes; however, not all individuals come in standard dimensions and military uniform alterations are necessary for a perfect fit.

Types of Military Uniforms

Military uniforms are classified into four categories that you should of, if you are going to be entering that market (of military alterations). The military makes use of uniforms that differentiates their personnel from others and creates a sense of belonging among the members. These uniforms are used in different ceremonies, occasions, duty hours and formal functions. Here are some details about them:

  • Service Uniforms

These uniforms are more formal in appearance and are usually worn during official occasions like weddings, funerals or ceremonies. However, these can be altered to be worn as a utility uniform, as far as some of the administrative staff is concerned. Military alterations of these uniforms include work on jackets, pressed collar shirts and slacks.

  • Utility Uniforms

This is the most common type of uniform that military personnel wear. It is the working outfit that is put on when carrying out duties. These comprise of food service uniforms, hospital outfits, combat uniforms, and camouflage flight suits. This military uniform alteration performed for these uniforms is to make them ready to wear for carrying out duties.

  • Mess Dress

This is an evening dress for military personnel that is usually worn on special occasions inaugural balls or military dinners, in lieu of formal wear. These uniforms look like tuxedoes and include a vest with a cummerbund. A cape is also included in Marine Corps, or Army and military alterations of such uniforms.

  • Training Uniforms

These are designed to be worn during training and are usually subjected to rigorous athletic movements. Usually worn during gym sessions and for jogging tracks, they are also worn for undergoing the physical fitness test for each service. They typically consist of a T-shirt with wind pants or shorts, and have military alterations performed to withstand the rigors of training.

Where to Find Alteration Services

Now that we have some knowledge about the types of military uniforms, the next question is where can you find a suitable company to perform military uniform alterations? Most tailors avoid such types of tasks, either because of the time they require, or due to the rigid specifications associated with military service. Military uniforms have to be perfect in every sense, and their alteration requires accuracy and expertise. There is no room for errors, where military uniforms are concerned. Experts like Alterations by Jasmine take special care and consideration when assigned such tasks, and understand the purpose of military alterations perfectly. They have the expertise and experience to easily handle such tasks, and with professionalism.

Other Required Services

Fast Fixes

Emergencies can arise anytime for anybody, and military personnel are no exception. Their uniforms undergo wear and tear from time to time, and then need immediate attention from a military alteration expert. Services like Alterations by Jasmine can provide quick and prompt service whenever required, with professionalism. All you need to do is to give exact measurements and what you require in the alteration. They can immediately provide the service and deliver on the same day.

Temporary Alterations

A temporary military uniform alteration plays a vital role in providing an immediate service if the uniform is to be worn in a few hours. The skilled staff at Alterations by Jasmine will go out of their way to give exemplary service for military men and women. Temporary alterations are suitable for one or two-time wear.

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